Digital campaign to connect youngsters with teachings of Guru Nanak

In connection with the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, a digital campaign has been launched to introduce Guru’s teachings to a younger audience in India and other parts of the Western world.

This campaign, first of the kind, will focus on driving conversations amongst younger audiences of age 18-35 by revisiting Guru Nanak’s instructions on equality, environment, women empowerment, tolerance of religions and service to others.

An online portal named ‘The Script of Life’ has been created and it will be available on various social media platforms highlighting morals and values imparted by Guru Nanak. The campaign will go live across all digital media channels including videos, podcasts, visual art and GIFs and aims to reach an estimated audience of 16 million people, said a release.

The campaign will engage artists, musicians, writers and poets to start conversations as well to build relationships amongst all communities. Campaign will communicate in 9 prominent Indian languages and other international languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr Rajwant Singh, Co-Founder of the National Sikh Campaign in the United States said, “The Script of Life has been designed to present Guru Nanak’s ideas of enriched life to all. Guru Nanak does not belong to one community. He was ahead of his times and his teachings are more relevant than ever before. His message was loved by all regardless of their social or religious background.

Mr. Iqbal Singh, a prominent Delhi Entrepreneur and Co-chair of Guru Nanak 550 Campaign expressed, “We are confident that young people will be inspired by Guru’s vision. Community building activities with prominent partners will add a contemporary twist to traditional activities such as langar, seva and tree plantation.”

Sharing more details, Mr. Raju Chadha, Prominent Business Leader and Co-chair of Guru Nanak 550 Campaign said, “We are encouraged by the response of our colleagues for this innovative initiative. We are also working in partnerships with National Sikh Campaign which is leading a similar campaign is in United States to create awareness about Guru Nanak.



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