Digital Blueprint for a better Healthy India


Aimed at creating a digital health care system in the country, the Centre has come out with a National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) for establishing a state of the art health care system in the country.o

Releasing the digital Blueprint, Union Health Minister Harsh Varshan said the government was committed to provide the best treatment to everyone. The government is for establishing national as well as regional registries and Personal Health Record, which could help the citizen and health care professionals to have easy access.

The government also envisages to have better management of the health system and increase the efficiency of governance at all levels. The NDHB also ensures that the private sector also participated in the initiative.

The Blueprint states that NDHB was wellness driven and wellness centric. The NDHB also focuses on awareness, early detection, screening and also AYUSH. It also hopes to encourage the people to avail all health related services. As part of digital health care system, mass awareness programmes will be held through digital mechanisms. It also focuses on reaching to the digitally illiterate people, especially the tribals and those who live in remote and hilly tracts.

With respect to data collection, the NDHB says that the consent of the people should be ensured before any date collection. Moreover, the usage of the data should be used and also disclosed only as per the existing laws.

The government in the blueprint has said that the National Digital Health Mission would function as a separate organisation in which both the centre and the state would be joint stake holders. As data collection and its usage is very sensitive, the government should have full access and control over and also ensure proper safeguard.


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