Did US handle Covid-19 in a better way?

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How far has the United States, the world’s largest economy, responded to Covid – 19? A new survey has found that not more than a fifth thinks that the United States has done a good job in dealing with the deadly virus.

In a survey held in 13 countries, the PEW Research Centre said that a median of only 15 per cent across these countries consider the US’ handling of the virus to be effective. Most of the people who participated in the survey opined that the European Union and the World Health Organization did a better job. In almost all the countries, the survey found that at least half or more believe their country did a good job in dealing with the pandemic. Apart from this, a few people also think that China handled the pandemic in a good way.

Among those who think that the US had dealt the pandemic in a good manner, South Koreans account for six per cent, Denmark seven per cent and Germany nine per cent.

Though Spaniards hold a positive assessment for America, only one-in-five think that the U.S. has handled the outbreak well.

The survey also point out that about eight-in-ten or more in every country surveyed said that the United States handled the virus in a bad manner. Almost 11 of the 13 countries surveyed, half or more say that the United States did a job in dealing with the Covid-19.


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