Diabetes signs can be known early in childhood

Loneliness and Type 2 Diabetes

Signs of diabetes can be traced much earlier, even at the age of eight years, a new study has revealed. The study that came up in Diabetes Care said that traces of type 2 diabetes in an adult may be traced during their childhood.

In the study, the tracked more than 4,000 participants in the Children of the 90s—a health study established at the University of Bristol in the early 1990s. The study was based on genetic information with an approach named ‘metabolomics’. This is a way to identify the small molecules in blood samples and identify patterns that are related to early stages of type 2 diabetes development.

Stating that diabetes never developed overnight, leading investigator Dr. Joshua Bell said that no one knew about the early signs of diabetics in life and how these signs they looked like.  Joshua Bell said they approached the issue in a genetic manner related to measures of metabolism.

The researchers said that the study was held in young people who were free of type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. This was done to look into how effects of being more susceptible to adult diabetes become visible in early life. They noted the findings would help in preventing the onset of the disease.

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