Deity in India has mask protection from Coronavirus


With Coronavirus continuing to spread across India, the people are taking extra precaution against the deadly virus. The people are not only cautious about them and their family but are also cautious for their deities.

Masks were put on deities in a temple in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh to protect them for the deadly virus. Temple Priest Krishna Anand Pandey said that masks were worn on the deities to create awareness about the deadly virus among the devotees.

The mask has been put on Lord Vishwanath in the Prahladeshwara Temple. The priest also urged the devotees not to touch the idol so as to prevent the spread of the virus. The virus is spread through touch. As such, the devotees were asked just to pray and not to touch the deity, the priest said.


Earlier also, the priest said that they put clothes on the idols when it is cold and put on AC when it is hot.


Meanwhile, another report said that Buddhists in Bihar gathered at Bodh Gaya and offered special prayers for the eradication of the deadly virus. Thousands of Buddhist monks gathered under the Bodhi tree and offered prayers.


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