Dating Was Harder at Times of Covid

Dating Was Harder at Times of Covid

As Covid 19 enters its third year, how was the effect of the pandemic on single adults and those looking for a relationship or dates? Most of them opined that it was harder for them during the coronavirus outbreak. Seven-in-ten say their dating lives are not going well, said Pew Research Centre.

About six-in-ten single adults, (59 per cent) say they are no more or less interested in finding a committed relationship now than they were before the coronavirus outbreak began.

The PEW Centre in its survey conducted in February said that two-thirds in 2019 said their dating lives were not going well, and three-quarters said it was difficult for them to find people to date. In the recent survey, the PEW Centre says a majority of single-and-looking adults (63 per cent) – including similar shares of men and women – say dating has gotten even harder during the pandemic, while 32 per cent say it has stayed about the same and just three per cent say it has gotten easier. Daters younger than 30 are much more likely than those who are older than them to say dating is harder now (71 per cent vs. 58 per cent).

The PEW Centre also says that majority of single Americans are off the dating market. When surveyed, 56 per cent say they are not currently looking for a relationship or casual dates. Among the 44 per cent who are currently looking, 32 per cent say they are looking only for a committed relationship, 16 per cent for casual dates, and about half are open to either a relationship or dates.


The report mentions that 56 per cent said that they wouldn’t matter to them whether or not someone was vaccinated against COVID-19 when deciding whether to go on a date with them, but a sizable minority (41 per cent) say they would only consider going out with someone who is vaccinated.


Among single adults who are not looking for a relationship or dates right now, 28 per cent say that they are concerned about being exposed to the coronavirus. This includes 10 per cent who say this is a major reason for not dating. Women are about twice as likely as men to say this is a major reason (13 per cent vs. Six percent).

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