Cytotron, a breakthrough device in cancer treatment

Cancer research


A new device developed by a Bangalore based scientist has come as a breakthrough in the treatment of breast, liver and pancreatic cancers and has got the rare tagline of “breakthrough device” by the US Food and Drug Administration’s centre for devices and Radiological Health.

Developed by Rajah Vijay Kumar, the device- Cytotron – helps in suppressing the growth of cancer tissues. The device is known to alter the regulation of specific proteins by which the cells multiply.

Kumar is the chairman of Organization de Scalene, a tech company that is engaged in research especially in bio physics. Kumar is a researcher in the field of nanotechnology, sustainable energy and biophysics. It took him 30 years of research at the Advanced Research and Development in Bhopal to come out with such a device.

The rare distinction for Cytotron was known to the world after the US Food and Drug Administration wrote to Shreis Scalene Sciences, which had taken the device to America. In the communiqué, the US Food and Drug Administration said that they were pleased with the device and said that it was a “breakthrough device”.

Noting that he was happy to have got the recognition from the US, he said that it was a great honour to see that the research of several years has been recognised.

To be made in India, Cytotron has already been approved in Malaysia, UAE, Hong Kong and Mexico.

The device uses fast radio bursts to communicate with cellular command and regulate specific gene or protein.


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