CURE ID to make a difference in treating infectious diseases

The Clinical Community around the world can now exchange their experiences in treating infectious diseases that are difficult to treat with the US Food and Drug Administration coming up with CURE ID, a net based repository.f

The new platform allows crowd sourcing of information from healthcare providers for interventions and also facilitate the development of new drugs. The repository will be a collaboration between USFDA and National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

USFDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy was quoted as saying that CURE ID would focus on drugs for infectious diseases that do not have adequate treatment as of now. It would include tropical diseases and infections caused because of anti microbial resistant.

He said that when all the medical professionals share their experience, CURE ID would help in organising and analysing the inputs in a more transparent and effective way.

CURE ID would help in recognising the clinical outcomes when medicines are used in new populations and in new combinations and in new doses. This would help in a systematic collection of real time experience and help for further research and encourage in developing effective drugs.

The CURE ID app collects case report from medical practitioners on their experience on using an approved product for an unapproved use. The users would have access to thousands of case studies, clinical trial reports. There is also a discussion forum where the professionals can interact with others.

For downloading CURE ID, visit https://cure.ncats.ioExternal Link Disclaimer or download “CURE ID” from Play Store.


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