Cuckoo… cuckoo… Kerala Police Dance video a hit  

The Kerala Police, which has from time to time brought out promotional videos at the time of Covid 19, has become another talk in the social media. This time they have come up with a dance video for raising awareness such as wearing a mask properly, maintaining social distance and using hand sanitiser. The awareness video made in the form of a parody of the recent super hit Tamil song, Enjoy Enjaami, has become a sensation in the social media.

Ever since the spread of Coronavirus, the police force in Kerala, has come up with many promotional and awareness videos and the ‘Hand Washing’ and ‘Break the Chain’ videos was a big hit earlier.Cuckoo... cuckoo... Kerala Police Dance video a hit

In the dance video, nine uniformed police personnel dance to the tune of the lyrics, raising awareness against the pandemic. The department’s media centre conceived and created the 1.30 minute video. The video is shared on the social media handles of State Police Media Center Kerala. The title is ‘Let’s fight the pandemic together, Kerala Police is always with you’. The video has already received more than 3 lakh views, 42,000 likes and 15000 shares.

The ‘Hand Washing’ and ‘Break the Chain’ videos of the Kerala Police became an international hit. About 30 lakh people saw the hand washing video. Three million people watched the Break the Chain video. With social distancing widely advised to tackle the spread of the coronavirus, the police thought of “Break the Chain”. And this led to the creation of several videos and trolls, the police said.



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