Cows in Uttar Pradesh to get Winter coats

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With winter season in India, the cows that are considered holy in the country will get blazers and a bonfire to ward off the cold climate. The Ayodhya Municipal Corporation in Uttar Pradesh has decided to stitch jute coats for the cows to keep them warm during the winter season.

The Corporation has already given orders for buying these jute coats and are expected to arrive soon. The first cows that will get the coats are from Baishingpur Cow shelter that is run by the Corporation. The cow shelter holds about 1,200 cattle that include 700 bulls and the rest being cows and calves.

Nagar Nigam Commissioner of Ayodhya Niraj Shukla said that the first batch of coats would arrive towards the end of this month. He said that each coat costs Rs 250 to Rs 300. He said that the scheme would be implemented in the Corporation limit in three phases.

Apart from this, he said that each cow shed would have a bonfire and a jute curtain to separate each compartment of the shed. He said that three payers of coat made from soft cloth have been ordered for the calves. Shukla also said that the coats of bulls and cows have different designs.

Apart from providing coats to those in the cow shelter, the stray cows would also be provided with coats. The decision to provide coats was taken after a meeting between the corporation and Sadhus.


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