Covid vaccine human trials in Australia shows no side effects

1.1 Billion Covid 19 Vaccine Wastage

Numerous trails on coronavirus vaccine are taking place across the globe and the vaccine developed by Australian researchers has shown no side effects in all the human trials so far, according to reports.

The trials were conducted on 120 Brisbane volunteers and in hamsters in the Netherlands. The vaccine was developed by the University of Queensland and Australian biotech giant CSL.

Media reports quoting Associate Professor Keith Chappell, who led the research, said that animal trials that were held in Europe were a success. Chappel said that the neutralising immune response created by molecular clamp vaccine in animal models was better than the average level of antibodies in patients who recovered from the deadly virus.

He confirmed that they had not come across any side effects during the human trial of the vaccine that they developed.

The Brisbane trial is one of the 17 human trials for a vaccine against the deadly virus that has caused much panic in the world. The human trials are also held in the US, China and the UK.



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