Covid; Miniature masks for insects from Russia

When people all over the world have started to wear face masks, an artist in Russia has come up with masks for tiny insects. In a bizarre incident, artist Anatoly Konenko, who is credited with miniature works, has come up with miniature masks for insects for protecting them from the deadly Covid 19.

Pointing out that the world was going through a difficult time, Korenko told the media that insects and animals should be saved from Coronavirus. He said that the mask was made from a special high-density medical fabric with a built-in air filter.

Korenko is said to have used dead insects from the streets of Omsk as models for making his new miniature masks. He said that the masks may not protect the insects but his work was just symbolic. He said that his work was only for emphasising the need to protect everyone.

He has stitched masks for a wasp, grasshopper, crab and dragonfly. He was reported as saying that he would make masks for even smaller insects such as mosquitoes in the future.

Konenko is Russia’s most famous miniature artist. His miniature books are his favourite. He has published more than 200 miniature books till now. Anatoly Konenko was in 2002 listed in Guinness Book of Records for creating Anton Chekhov’s Chameleon’ miniature book. The book has 30 pages, 3 colour illustrations and a portrait of Chekhov. The book comes in 0.9 x 0.9 mm size. He works with a variety of media. He uses human hair, rice and poppy seeds. His works are visible through microscopes only. In 2011, he created a miniature aquarium with a living tiny fish. It had only two teaspoons of water and some algae.



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