Covid Lockdown; Saudi divorce cases on a high

China was the first to report of increased divorce cases at the time of Coronavirus pandemic. In a new report, divorce cases in Saudi Arabia have shown an increase of 30 per cent during the coronavirus lockdown.

The divorce rate increased when compared to the same period last year, according to reports. Apart from the divorces, the report also noted that there was an increase of five percent of marriages when compared to the same period last year. It said that 13,000 people tied nuptial knots during t6e lockdown period.

The report said that about 7,482 applications for divorce and Khula (procedure in Islam allowing woman to divorce her husband) were lodged. The report also said that working women including doctors had sought separation citing secret marriages of their spouses. It is said that the lockdown had helped some women to unearth some of the secret marriages of their husbands. As per Khukla, the women can divorce her husband by returning the dowry (mahr) and other things that she had received from her husband.

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