Covid increased women’s sexual desire


Women’s sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse increased during Coronavirus pandemic whereas the quality of sexual life significantly decreased, according to a new study.

Researchers of Esenler Maternity and Children’s Hospital, Turkey, said that Covid-19 is associated with decreased desire for pregnancy, decreased female contraception and increased menstrual disorders.

The study was held in 28 women. The researchers said that women engaged in sexual intercourse on an average 2.4 times per week during the time. This was 1.9 times in the 6-12 months prior to Coronavirus pandemic.

The study also said that 32.7 per cent of participants desired to become pregnant before the pandemic. However, it came down to 5.1 per cent during the pandemic. The study also pointed out that contraception use decreased during the period of pandemic.

Another finding is that menstrual disorders became common at this time of pandemic. Before the pandemic, only 12.1 per cent of the participants had menstrual issues. But 27.6 per cent complained about it during the Covid-19 days.

The researchers compared the frequency of sexual intercourse, Female Sexual Function Index score, desire for pregnancy, contraception type and menstrual abnormalities.


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