Covid damage could last for life

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

Coronavirus damage could last lifelong for some patients, with long term damage to the lungs and the brain, according to a new research.  It said that one in three patients recovered from the disease could be harmed for life.

Various reports quoting researchers and also the report said that there was growing evidence that coronavirus could cause persistent or permanent trauma and also could damage the lung cells.  The reports also said that there was an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease in patients who have recovered. The reports had quoted NHS guidance in Britain.

The NHS guidance has warned that about half of the patients treated in intensive-care units in Britain for coronavirus may be left with “persistent physical, cognitive and psychological impairments” including chronic fatigue. It noted that one in ten patients after recovery had acute heart injury.

Several doctors and researchers opined that the actual impact of the coronavirus was yet to unfold. The world now only knows a little about the virus.

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