Covid-19 worse for heart patients  

In the last seven months, several studies have come out with respect to Covid-19. A new study connecting Coronavirus and heart patients revealed that the virus could be worse or even deadly for people having cardio issues.

The study that has come out in PLOS ONE journal points out that the doctors should have a different approach to the people having cardio vascular issues who are infected with Coronavirus.

The researchers from the Magna Graecia University, Italy, who held the study, said that Covid-19 could cause mild illness but can generate severe pneumonia and lead to death in others.


The researchers analysed data from 21 published observational studies. They collected data of  77,317 Covid-19 patients hospitalised in Asia, Europe and the United States. They found 12.89 per cent patients had cardiovascular co-morbidities, 36.08 per cent had hypertension and 19.45 per cent diabetes. The study also found that cardio complications were documented in 14.09 per cent of the coronavirus patients when they were hospitalised.


The data showed that arrhythmias or palpitations were the most common complication. A large number of patients also had a myocardial injury. The study showed that both age and pre existing cardiovascular co morbidities were significant predictors of death. They also found that cardiovascular ailments led to more severity.

The study said that cardiovascular complications were frequent among Coronavirus patients and might lead to adverse clinical events and mortality.


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