Covid 19 vaccine gives Europeans interest to travel

Thailand's recent decision to waive visa requirements for Indian travellers is expected to trigger a significant surge in tourism to the already popular destination, according to Indian travel associations and service providers.

With Covid 19 vaccine rolled out, Europeans are showing interest in travelling in the second quarter of 2021, according to European Travel Commission (ETC).

About 32 per cent of the persons said that they wish to travel in April- June, the ETC said this in its latest report ‘Monitoring Sentiment for Domestic and Intra-Europe Travel – Wave 4’.

52 per cent of the people plan for travelling in the next six months.

The ETC said that this was five per cent increase when compared to November 2020 survey.

Health and safety protocol

The ETC report points out that 67 per cent of the Europeans feel safe and relaxed to travel because of strict health and safety protocols. It said that the proportion of people from Europe who are willing to travel in spring grew by 20 per cent compared to November 2020 survey.

only 12 per cent of the people considered taking a trip in January-February.

The survey report notes that most of the people are for intra-Europe travel now. When leisure makes 63 per cent of the travel, 21 per cent is for visiting relatives and friends. It notes that nine per cent wanted to travel for business.

The ETC also mentioned in the report that the people were much confident to travel by air. When 52 per cent Europeans considering flying as an option, 17 per cent of the people felt Air travel risky.

The European Travel Commission report that 15 per cent of the people are concerned of quarantine measures, 14 per cent fear the rise of Covid 19 cases in the destination places and another 14 per cent fear of falling ill while travelling.


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