COVID 19 Remains the Major Concern Worldwide

COVID 19 Remains the Major Concern Worldwide

COVID 19 continues to remain the single biggest concern worldwide even as some countries showed a decline in the underlying fear, according to a survey by IPSOS, global market researchers.

In the What Worries the World survey,  they said that uunemployment, crime and violence, Financial/Political Corruption, Poverty and social inequality were the other concerns that dominated the world.


The survey notes that 45 per cent opined in April that Covid-19 was one of the top issues facing their country. Malayasia reported the highest concern with 65 per cent score in the survey. This is the seventh month in a row that Malayasia is topping the table, the survey said.  When Japan score was 64 per cent on the table, Peru reported 60 per cent levels. Japan’s score reflected an increase of six per cent points since March.

There have been month-on-month increases in concern about Coronavirus in many countries, most significantly Chile (+23 points to 53%), Argentina (+13 to 31%) and Turkey (+11 to 38%). Meanwhile, there has been a 31-point decrease in those considering Covid-19 a top concern in Israel, which is now least worried of all countries, the survey noted.

The pandemic became a major concern in four more countries — Chile, India, Poland and South Korea – last month.

IPOS held survey between March 26 and April 9 2021 through its Online Panel system among 20,524 adults aged 18-74 in Canada, Israel, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and the United States, and 16-74 in all 21 other countries.


After COVID 19, unemployment remained the second largest worry. Thirty five per cent of the people surveyed say it is an important issued faced in their country. In May 2020, the unemployment concern was 42 per cent.

Sixty one per cent in South Africa, 60 per cent in Italy, 59 per cent in Spain find unemployment as an important issue in their country. The concern was also highest in Colombia, Italy, South Africa and Turkey.


As many as 31 per cent people across all countries say Poverty and social inequality as one of the top issues in their country. The survey points out that Russia continued to occupy the top spot with respect to concern about Poverty and social inequality. In the survey, 58 per cent of the people choose this issue as a major concern. In Chile, 44 per cent felt so. While 42 per cent in Colombia felt the same, 40 per cent in Poland also thought the same.


The survey points out that 30 per cent on average across all countries count it among the major issues. South Africa and Russia were on the top of the table. The survey said taht 57 per cent of the people in these countries raised the concern. It also said that notable increases of the concern were seen in South Korea (+10 points) and Saudi Arabia (+10).


Twenty five per cent across all countries consider crime and violence as a major concern haunting them. It is the number one concern in Argentina, Israel and Sweden.



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