Covid 19 prevents new blood cells

Covid 19 is known to bring in many health complications. A new study has now claimed that Coronavirus not only destroys the red blood cells but also prevents the forming of new ones. The researchers said that Covid 19 led to the loss of erythrocytes that are responsible for transport of hemoglobin carrying oxygen.

Archiv Euro Medica journal published the findings. The researchers said that loss of the red blood cells would cause damage to brain blood vessels, neurons and internal organs due to lack of enough oxygen. They also noted that this could increase the level of infection and also cause multiple organ failure. The researchers from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Russia maintained that ventilators will not compensate the severe conditions occurring due to destruction of red blood cells. This is because the organs that are crippled with less erythrocyte will not be in position to transport oxygen to parts of the body.

The study said that the only option left was to administer erythrocyte mass and vitamin B12. They also said that early breakdown of red blood cells was the first reaction the body shows to the virus. This would increase as days go by, they added.

The researchers said that people who had low hemoglobin are at higher risk. Elderly people, obese people, diabetic patients, people with high pressure, patients with primary and acquired immunodeficiency, pregnant women. HIV and cancer patients are more at risk. Far Eastern Federal University professor Galina Reva was quoted as saying that the coronavirus that enters the epithelium multiplies and then enters the bloodstream and attacks the targets. The targets could be both the internal epithelium and erythrocytes, the professor said. Reval also mentioned that the main target of the virus is the red marrow. The virus damages endothelium tissue that normally regulates the migration of maturing cells into the blood.



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