Covid 19: Glasses to measure temperature

Glasses can now measure temperature of a person from a distance and China has started to test the devise widely. The glasses are fitted with an infrared sensor and camera that gives the body temperature of a person.


Rokid Inc, a Chinese company, has developed the glasses. The company specialise in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Technologies. Company vice president Xiang Weing told the media that there was much demand for the T1 glasses. There are also reports that there was demand from the US and some European countries.

The company officials said that some governments, industrial parks and schools have bought the T1 glasses. Xiang claimed that T1 glasses can provide distant, portable temperature checking.

The company said that the glass will be upgraded to record multiple temperatures.

Eric Wong and Mingming Zhu founded the company in 2014. They are into gaming but now they have produced such a devise taking into account the covid epidemic.



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