Covid 19; Back to Basics campaign strengthens in Kerala

With Kerala seeing a surge in Covid 19 cases, the state is gearing up for the “Back to Basics campaign”.  Giving a call to remember the lessons learned at the beginning of Covid pandemic, the Kerala health department has asked the people to continue with self-defence against the virus.

The health department has asked the people not to forget soap and mask and social distance. “The mask should be worn to cover the mouth and nose. The safety provided by the mask is paramount,” the health department said. It also warned that people who do not wear mask in public places would face action. The department also asked the people to wash hands periodically with sanitizer or soap to destroy the germs.


The health department also asked everyone to be vigilant once again as there is an outbreak of Covid 19 in other states and after the elections in the state. The department claimed that unanimous preventive measures taken by the state had brought Covid outbreak to a minimum.  The number of Covid patients increased after Onam celebrations and local body elections. However, this was restricted because of strong preventive measures.

Coming three weeks in the state crucial

After the Assembly elections, the number of Covid patients per day has gradually increased. A vast number of people had participated in the elections. As such, the health department said that the coming three weeks in the state was crucial.


At the same time, the state decided to increase the daily Covid inspections. According to the Zero Surveillance Survey, only 10.76 per cent of the people in the state were affected with Covid virus. In the circumstance, the health department warned that the people should be more careful.  It said that people over 45 years of should immediately get Covid vaccine. A total of 42,03,984 people have been vaccinated in the state till now.

The health officials said that those involved in electioneering and the people who have gone to cast their votes should be screened if they have any symptoms such as fever, cough, cold or sore throat.


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