Covid 19; Americans Concerned of Increasing Living Cost  

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The Covid 19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow on the people across the world and several people in the United States are worried of increased cost of living due to the pandemic. About two thirds of the Americans are worried about their cost of living shooting up, according to a new data from YouGov.

The YouGov said that 64 per cent of the people participated in the survey said they were much worries about the impact of recession. However, 31 per cent of the adults had no worries about the potential impact of a Covid 19 -related surge in prices.


The YouGov data showed that most of the adults in the US are least concerned about career progression. It said that 33 per cent of the adults in the US were concerned about not getting a pay rise or an expected promotion. Meanwhile, 30 per cent of the adults were least worried.

The survey also showed that men were less concerned than women were. Thirty three per cent of the women who participated in the survey said that they were worried about the pandemic’s impact on their job prospects. However, 28 per cent of the men were least bothered.

The percentage of men who are not worried about career progression is 44 per cent when compared to 32 per cent of women.


Several studies show that low income Americans can hardly survive because of a surge in cost of living due to Covid 19. Unemployment, less wages and salary and housing shortage has led the low, middle class families struggle much. The low and middle class families have to spend about 80 per cent of their income on housing, food and healthcare. Data shows that about 40 per cent of the income itself goes to housing for low-income families. Several of the families are affected with unemployment and slashing of the wages.


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