Coronavirus rips the wall of bills


Sand Bar restaurant on Tybee Island in Georgia is known for its bills covering the walls. The bills are given by the customers who come back to see their bill stuck on the wall. These bills are never removed from the walls. But this time, coronavirus pandemic forced Sand Bar owners to remove the bills for paying its employees. The consent of the owners who pinned the bills to the walls was taken.

Some American bars like Sand Bar have bills pinned to the walls. With the staff at Sand Bar out of work, owner Jennifer Knox had no other choice but to take the bills from the walls. The bills were on walls for the last six years.

Knox said it took three days to remove the bills from the walls. And the total came to 3,714 dollars. The bartenders and musicians at the Sand Bar will get the money.

Some of the bills were signed one. They were pasted in the walls to commemorate some special events such as anniversaries or some other remembrance.  Each of the bills is a message written in love.



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