Coronavirus reverses nature, bringing in clean water and clear skies


With the State Governments asking people to remain indoors, avoid travels and gatherings, the world has become cleaner and greener. The water bodies are now clean and clear.

And the most evident impact of coronavirus is from Venice, where the canals have become crystal clear. Birds splashed across and birds flocked the canal, a sight not seen for decades. People say that they have not seen a clear canal in the last 60 years.

However, the mayor’s office in Venice told the media that the clear water did not mean that the canal has become clean. It was only because the sediments are not coming up as the boat traffic has come to a halt. The heavy boat traffic along the Venice canals brings the sediments up but now this is not happening, the Mayor’s office said.

Meanwhile, the people in Venice has taken a facebook group “Venezia Pulita” (‘Clean Venice’ and has shared pictures and videos of the clean waters.

Apart from the clean waters in Venice, other parts in the world have shown a drastic decrease in pollution. Satellites of NASA have shown clear skies over parts of China and Italy and other parts. With a slowdown of industries, power generation and traffic, the harmful emissions have stopped. The satellites showed a decrease in concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in the sky that are released by automobiles, power plants and industries. And this has given a clear sky.

The satellite pictures showed that the cloud of nitrogen dioxide over China in January was seen to be evaporated in February.


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