Coronavirus goes beyond lungs and affects multiple organs; Study

Coronavirus can go far beyond affecting the lungs and could damage the kidney, heart, liver and intestines, according to different studies. In coronavirus patients, blood clots, kidney failure and headaches were common.

In a research paper published in Nature medicine, the researchers said that coronavirus could sometimes cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting], which are gastrointestinal symptoms. They claimed that they found evidence of coronavirus in the stool of patients. Jie Zhou and colleagues at University of Hong Kong said that the virus not only lived in these organoids but they replicated. They said that they isolated coronavirus from the stool of a 68-year-old female patient who developed diarrhoea after admission to Princess Margaret Hospital.

In another report in the New England Journal of Medicine, the researchers found that coronavirus affected kidney. They studied 22 patients who died from COVID-19. It was found that kidneys of more than 17 were affected. These patients were without a history of chronic kidney disease.

A study by Northwell Health, the largest health provider in New York State, found that one third of the patients treated for coronavirus developed acute kidney issues. Nearly 15 per cent required dialysis, they said. Kidney International published the study.

Study co-author Dr. Kenar Jhaveri said that 36.6 per cent of the 5,449 patients admitted developed acute kidney issues. Jhaveri is associated chief of nephrology at Hofstra/Northwell in Great Neck, New York,


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