Corona update: India has still the lowest death rate

India has recorded the biggest single-day spike in the number of new Covid-19 cases, but still the recovery rate is high. The country has the lowest death rate in the world.

The total number of patients stood at 1,06,750, after recording 5611 new cases in the last 24 hours, according to the official records. Total number of deaths stood at 3303.

As many as 42,298 people have recovered, with the country registering a recovery rate of 39.62%, which is much higher than many other countries.

The death rate in India is 0.2 per lakh population against the world average of 4.1. India has just 7.7 Covid-19 infections per one lakh population, compared to the world average of 64. India’s figure is a big relief as countries like USA (474), Spain (596), UK (366), Italy (374) and France (277) have high rates of infection.

Similarly, the death rate is also very low at 0.2 per lakh while it is 59.4 in Spain, 28.3 in the US, 52.1 in UK, 53.2 in Italy and 42.9 in France. The world average is 4.17 per one lakh population.

Indian rate of death due to coronavirus is the lowest in the world among the top 50 countries affected by virus. Bangladesh also has the same rate at 2 per one million while China has 3 deaths per one milliion population, according to the date tracker

However, the testing average still is very low in India. The country has done just 174 test per one lakh population while countries like the USA (3822), Russia (5038), Spain (6477), UK (4086) and Italy (5133) have done high number of tests.


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