Corona Tracker for the Commonwealth


With an aim to help countries to prepare and respond to the coronavirus pandemic, the Commonwealth has developed a COVID 19 tracker. The tracker gives details about daily cases in the member countries.

The data is collected from the World Health Organization. Commonwealth Assistant Secretary-General Nabeel Goheer said that the organisation has designed the tracker for providing real-time and accurate insight for governments. This will help them in taking decisions on the worsening situation in the respective countries, he said.

Meanwhile, Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation president Kathleen McCourt said that nurses and midwives from the commonwealth were at the forefront of coronavirus response. McCourt said that the nurses and midwives were working without adequate personal protective equipment. She said that they have asked national organisations to provide data to the Commonwealth tracker. She also urged member countries to ensure that the health workers are provided with needed protective gears.

The tracker is part of the Innovation Hub established in 2018.

As per the World Health Organisation report, more than four lakh people have been affected. The toll is reaching 20,000. The reports say that more than a lakh people have recovered from the grip of the virus. One good thing is that 96 per cent of the total active cases are still in mild condition.

With over 42,000 confirmed cases, the United States might soon become the next epicentre of the virus.



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