Corona tests in India still considerably lower than most countries

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The coronavirus infections in India continues to rise, with the confirmed cases crossing 3.54 lakh with another 10974 testing positive in the last 24 hours.

The good news still is that the recovery rate is also high with 1.86 lakh getting cured and the mortality rate is comparatively lower at 3.36%. As many as 1,86,935 patients were cured and there are 1,55,227 active cases, according to the health ministry.

But the bad news is that still the average tests in the country continues to be very low compared to other nations. Just 0.42% of the 137 crore people have been screened so far while countries like UAE screened more than 26% of its 98 lakh population.

At the global level, European nations and the Middle East countries have done well in the case of screening the people, according to an analysis of the data available in the

In UAE, as many as 26,564 tests were done for one lakh persons. Similarly, Kuwait has done 7969 for one lakh people. Qatar has done 10702 tests on every one lakh population.

On the other hand, India has done just 429 tests for one lakh persons. The total tests done in India are 5,921,069, as per the data available.

Europe also has done well in tests. The tests per one lakh people in these countries are as follows: UK (10286), Spain (10323), Italy (7766), Portugal (9870), Belgium (9018), and Iceland (18524). All these countries have screened around 10% of its population.

Similarly, the US has done 7774 tests done per one lakh people. Russia another heavily-hit country also has done 10549 tests per one lakh population.


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