Corona Tests: Iceland, United Arab Emirates lead among nations

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

The Middle East Countries have done maximum number of average testings to keep the coronavirus at bay, though Iceland as a country has done the highest number of average tests in the world.

Iceland has done 1,47,713 tests per one million population and it has reported only 1799 cases so far. Europe also fared better in testing, compared to the United States and the Asian countries, according to the data available in

UAE, which reported a total of 14,163 cases, has done 1,21,330 tests per one million people to lead the region, follwoed by Bahrain (84,719/m) which has 3383 covid-19 cases. Israel (45,872), Qatar (36,249), and Kuwait (45,998) have also done extensive tests and reported less cases. However, Saudi Arabia has done only 10,127 tests per one million and it has 27011 cases too.

In the Europe, almost all countries have done around 30,000 plus test per one million. Spain which reported 2,47,122 cases has done as many as 41,332 tests per one million population. Italy which another badly-hit country with over 2,47,000 cases has done 35,662 tests per million. Germany (30,400), Russia (28,095), Belgium (36,582), Portugal (41,860) and Switzerland (32,378) have also done well in tests.

On the other hand, the United States which has 11,88,421 cases and accounted for one third of global infections has lesser number of tests compared to the European countries. As many as 21,741 people per one million population were screened in the US.


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