Corona Revelations: Simple virus is a Great Leveller

Corona, just like the natural calamities, has proved to be a great leveller even in the days of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies. It has deleted the racial, geographical, monetary, military divides. We boasted to be a global village with access to all regions. But, one virus has taught us what science or intelligence did not teach us.

Ministers to Minions:

From Washington to Tehran, from Brasília to Paris, corona has hit the powerful and the mighty who travel with elite guards, in bullet-proof cars, fly in missile-proof jets or wear millions-worth clothes. The powerful and the ordinary people are just one class – victims—for the virus.

Cabinet ministers, lawmakers, military leaders, senior policymakers, and health officials are hit. US President Donald Trump has taken the test just like many other counterparts. The latest to go into quarantine is the German Chancellor Angela Merkal. In Italy, Nicola Zingaretti, head of the Democratic Party and a co-partner in the coalition government is down with the virus.

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, opted to self-quarantine like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was tested positive. Five French members of parliament have also been diagnosed with the coronavirus. In Spain, Javier Ortega Smith, the secretary-general of the far-right Vox Party, tested positive. In Iran, one of the four early hot spots, two vice-presidents, three cabinet officials, nine per cent of the members of parliament, the director of emergency medical services, the chief of the crisis-management organization, senior Revolutionary Guard officers, and prominent clerics are on a long list of officials infected. The list is unending.

Military power:

The United States, which is perceived to be the most powerful country, has the world’s largest economy and biggest military budget, spending over $716 billion on military hardware and personnel. But it could not stop the virus.

Israel spends 29.2 billion for its military capabilities. With 26 lakh personnel, 3187 fighter aircrafts, 13050 tanks and budget of $224 billion, China could do little to defend its people from the virus attack. So is the case with all the nations. There are over 13,865 nuclear warheads in existence at the start of 2019 were owned by nine nations.

Money power:

The U.S. is the largest economy with estimated $21.5 trillion nominal gross domestic product (GDP) while China is second with

$14.2 trillion. Japan ($5.2 trillion), Germany ( $4.2 trillion), The United Kingdom ($3 trillion) are the next biggies. India aspires to be a 5-trillion economy from its $ 3-trillion.

But, corona does not differentiate between the money power or the muscle power or the racial differences. It does not discriminate between the learned and the illiterate. It did not stop at the immigrations or never bothered to apply for the passport to enter a territory. It did not apply for Aadhar card as a proof of citizenship. It is the perfect leveller.


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