Corona quarantine increases divorce

Chinese people, especially the young ones, are entrapped in more divorce cases, after they started to stay longer at home in the wake of coronavirus.

China has reported a sharp increase in divorce cases in the last month after the deadly virus quarantined many of the couples inside their homes. Reports said that Register offices in many parts of China saw a rise in applications for divorce.

It said that one such office received about 300 applications since February 24. The reports said that the sudden increase in the applications was because the couples were spending more time together. As such, they are likely to get into heated arguments and rush into divorce, the reports said. The marriage registry in Dazhou, Sichuan Province in south-west China has reported over 300 divorce applications.

The marriage registry said that the applications have increased after the outbreak of the deadly virus. Despite many saying that this was because of the couples staying longer, some have said that this was because of delayed applications as Council offices were shut in many places for about a month.


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