Corona: Positive Updates today (31/03/20)

These are a few positive news about corona, among the scores of negative inputs and feedbacks flooding the world. That is more important to keep us sane during these dark days.

Total cases: A total of 785,797 cases as of this morning, with 37,816 deaths in 197 countries

More people recover: As many as 165,607 people recovered. So more than 10,000 have recovered in the last 24 hours.

Mostly mild cases: 552,886(95%) of the total active cases are still in mild condition

Recoveries rates are good: So far in the U.S., more than 5,000 patients have recovered. China has seen more than 90 percent of its confirmed infected population recover, with more than 75,000 recoveries out of the more than 82,000 cases. Italy has seen more than 14,000 recoveries out of its more than 100,000 cases.

Indian cases: 1117 active cases, 101 cured and discharged and 32 deaths, according to the Union Health Ministry. As many as 15,24,266 people have been screened at the airports.

No group Transmission: The Health Ministry reiterated that there was no group transmission virus within the nation but. It is at present within the native transmission stage solely.

Tests in India: Dr Ganga Khedkar of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) mentioned that 38,442 exams of the corona virus have been executed to this point within the nation, of which 3,501 have been executed yesterday.

Railway coaches: Railway board has directed its zones to be prepared to convert as many as 20,000 coaches into isolation wards, if required, as part of fighting corona in the coming days.

Infections slow down in Italy: The country is seeing continued slowdown in the rate of infections and registered a record number of people cured. 812 people more died, taking the toll to 11591.

China situation: China has reported 48 new confirmed imported cases of the novel coronavirus while the death toll reached 3,305 with one more fatality from the virus-hit Hubei province, health officials said on Tuesday. China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Tuesday that no new domestically transmitted cases of the COVID-19 were reported.

US Situation: US has done more than a million tests, which is one reason for the high number of cases. Total deaths hit 3,017, including at least 540 on Monday, and the reported cases climbed to more than 163,000.

Plasma Treatment: Transferring plasma from people who are recovering from COVID-19 to those with severe symptoms might be a viable treatment option, according to a small, recently published trial involving five people. Within 3 days, body temperature returned to normal in 4 out of 5 individuals, and their viral loads dropped significantly. Three have now been discharged, and two are in a stable condition.


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