Corona: Positive Updates today (25/03/20)

Here are a few positive indicators to heave a sigh of relief as the world is getting more depressed every day with deluge of negative news and increasing spread of the deadly virus.

Total cases: A total of 422,829 cases as of this morning, with 18,907 deaths in 197 countries.

Recovery is strong: As many as 109,102 people have recovered from the disease

Most of the people have mild cases: 281,725 (96%) of the total active cases are still in mild condition

Indian cases: The number of coronavirus cases reached 562 in India, with active cases stand at 512, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. This includes 40 cured/discharged patients and 9 deaths.

Global resistance: India with its 1.3 billion people join the total lock-down that has now kept almost of half of the world population at their homes

Drug Trial: WHO announced a global ‘megatrial,’ called SOLIDARITY to find out if any of four existing drugs can treat the new coronavirus. The four drugs include: remdesivir, an experimental antiviral compound; chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, malaria medications; lopinavir and ritonavir, a combination of HIV drugs; lopinavir and ritonavir, plus interferon-beta, an immune system messenger that can cripple viruses.

No domestic case in China: For several days now, China has reported no new domestic cases of COVID-19, according to reports from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC). Wuhan starts bus service after nine weeks of lock-down and traffic bans lifted in Hubei province with 56 million people.

US Reopening: President Donald Trump reiterated his wish to re-open the country and lift restrictions in a matter of weeks, not months, calling Easter, April 12, ”a great timeline.” However, he said, ”we are continuing to evaluate the data. My first priority is always the health and safety of the American people.”

US tests: America has done 370,000 tests, apart from those done by hospital and local labs. Efforts are continuing to make available a self-test that enables people to take their own sample.

Indian Food safety: In the wake of the 21-day lockdown period, the Union Home Ministry has asked state governments to check the spread of rumours about the shortage of food and other essential commodities.

The first two recover in Maharashtra: Two persons who were the first to get infected two weeks ago have now tested negative. Both the patients will be discharged on Wednesday.



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