Corona lockdown gives Earth a lesser shake

In a groundbreaking revelation, scientists have unveiled Earth's most diverse ecosystem, and it's not the vast oceans, lush rainforests, or sprawling swamps. Surprisingly, it's the unassuming soil (earth) beneath us that teems with life, shaping the very essence of our planet. Recent research by ecologist Mark Anthony and his team has spotlighted the astonishing biodiversity within this unexplored realm.

Streets are empty, vehicles seldom move and people rarely walk around. No activity is taking place on the globe. And the good news is that the earth’s upper crust is moving less with less activity happening on the surface.

The seismologists around the world said that the earth’s crust is shaking less as they could hear lot of less ambient seismic noises. Earlier, they could not detect the lesser sounds because of vibrations from heavy traffic and people.

Reports said that seismologist at the Royal Observatory in Belgium Thomas Lecocq was the first to point out this. He found 30 to 50 per cent reduction in ambient seismic noise in Brussles after the country went into lock down.


Other cities also reported similar experiences. Reports quoting a British seismologist said that seismometers in and around London showed a drop in noise levels. He said that this was a direct result of people staying at home because of lock down. Seismologists in the United States also reported the same.


The geologists shared their findings in twitter. Some wrote that the drop in vibrations is seriously wild. Some others said that this was unheard of in recent times. Some of them have even posted graphs online.


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