Corona is on the Go: Daily new cases decline, Deaths slow down

`Go Corona Go.’ And the good news is that corona is on the go. Its deadly clutches are loosening and there is a reason for heaving a sigh of relief, if the statistics on the daily infections and deaths are any indication.

According to an analysis of figures updated in the worldometers (, there is steady decline in the number of cases and deaths in the last few days across the world and in those countries hit badly by the deadly virus.

But that does not mean, we should throw the caution to the wind and end the lockdowns and social distancing. The fight is still on as the total number of cases stand at 30,64,837 and as many as 2,22,609 people have died.

New Cases: The good news is that the daily infections at the global level have come down especially in the last few days. From March 26, the  cases went up by an average of 60,000 cases a day and the highest number was on April 24 when 105,825 more people got infected. Then on April 25, it came down to 90,722 and again to 73,866 cases on April 26. Yesterday, a total of 69,206 new people got infected, maintaining the downward trend. Importantly, that is the lowest daily number of infections since March 31, or the lowest in the last 28 days.

Deaths: Likewise, the number of daily deaths also came down. Since April 1, the daily deaths stood above the 4000 mark and April 17 recorded the highest number at 8341 deaths a day. This has come down to 6180 on April 24. For the first time since March 31, the number went below 4000 on April 26, reporting 3751 deaths. A total of 4532 people were reportedly killed by the virus on April 27, still comparatively down from the peak numbers.

Recoveries: Another soothing factor is the number of recoveries. The last few days also reported higher number of recoveries. On April 24, as many as 68,221 people recovered from the disease. Yesterday, 43,903 people got cured, again a positive signal.

As per the analysis, we can also see a downward trend in the number of serious cases too. As on April 24, a total of 58,531 people were in serious condition. But the number has gone down to 57,600 on April 26 and to 56,297 on April 27.

United States: Reflecting the global trend, there is also markable improvement in the severely-hit countries also. In the United States, the daily new cases stood at 38,958 on April 24, but it has gone down to 35,419 on April 25. Further, it went down to 26,509 on April 26 and then to merely 23,196 on April 27. Since March 30, the country has been reporting over 23000 new cases every day.

The number of daily deaths also came down. April 21 reported 2683 deaths but it came down to 2065 on April 25. Very importantly, the country reported only 1157 deaths, which is the lowest number since March 31. Though there were 1384 deaths on April 27, hopes are picking up about a fast recovery.

Italy: Similarly, Italy also saw a downward trend. The country witnessed the highest number of new cases on March 21 at 6557. The total new cases were 5974 on March 28, but then onwards there is a decline. On April 27, the new cases were just 1739, the lowest since March 10.

Death numbers also showed a similar trend in Italy. The country recorded a highest of 919 deaths on March 27 but it came down to 260 on March 26. That was the first time since March 15, the figure went below the daily 300-mark.

Spain: In the case of Spain, another badly –hit country, there is a marked improvement in the recent days. The country saw the highest number of new cases at 6740 on April 24. But then, it went down to 3995 on April 25 and to 2870 on April 26. The number again went down to 2793 on April 27.

The death toll also declined in the recent past. The country reported 440 deaths on April 23 but it went down to 378 on April 24. It further came down to 288 on April 26, though it went slightly up on April 27 to touch 331.


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