Corona Impact: London to have more cyclists

Coronavirus, social distancing and lockdown has resulted in some good things. Take the example of London. The administration is widely thinking of introducing new cycling and walking routes, an overhaul change of the London streets.

Many think that cycling in Capital London will increase tenfold. The London Administration along with Transport for London has unveiled Streetscape plans with new cycling and walking routes along major corridors, This include temporary lanes for cycle along routes such as Euston Road.

London’s public transport capacity is now running at a fifth of Covid-19 pre-crisis levels. But once the people switch to cars, the administration believes that the city will be in troubled days with worsened air quality.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was quoted as saying that the capacity of public transport in London will be dramatically reduced after coronavirus because of challenges faced due to social distancing.

He said that those who can work for home should continue with it for some time. He mentioned that London Streetspace programme has been devised for helping people who have to travel.

The mayor also mentioned that many of the Londoners have found enjoyment in walking and cycling at the time of lockdown. He said that they would quickly widen pavements, create temporary cycle lanes so that the people could change the concept of travel.

As part of the programme, wider footways on high streets will be developed with space for people to queue for shops and for others to safely walk past while maintaining socially distancing. Traffic will be reduced on the residential streets for the people to cycle and walk as part of their daily routine just like happening during the lockdown.

The Mayor said that Euston Road would be first developed for cycles. Park Lane would be the next in line to be developed, he added. The TFL will review the temporary schemes and after which it could made permanent.


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