Corona hairstyle gains Popularity in Africa


Corona 19 has brought a new shift in hairstyle in East Africa and the stylish spiked hair style is gaining popularity among the African community. One reason for the stylish spiked hair is linked with economic hardships linked to virus restrictions as this hairdo is cheap and in fact a means to spread awareness against the deadly virus.

This distinctive spiked hair style had gone out of fashion in Kenya after synthetic and real hair imported from China, Brazil and India were in high demand by the locals. But now with covid, the locals are turning to the distinctive spiked hairdo. Dubbed corona hairstyle, it has gained much popularity among the youth.

At the salon, the hairs are parted into several sections. They are then twisted and each one is wrapped using a black thread. This makes the hair to stand up straight. The twisted hair that stands out from the head resembles the spike proteins of Coronavirus.

The hairdo also costs less than one dollar, which is a solace for the already struggling people. Apart from the cost, many believe that this hair style could help in spreading awareness about covid.


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