Corona fight: Five Cheers to India

The total number of Covid-19 cases has crossed 53000 and as many as 1785 people died in India, as of now. But, there are many positives for Indians to cheer about our fight against corona and how we flattened the curve. Here are a five points of hope.

India’s rank in infection: As of today, there are 38,20,703 cases and 2,65,094 deaths. As many as 187 countries have reported covid-19 cases and 39 countries have more than 10,000 cases. India ranks still 14th in the list, led by the USA, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and France in the top five positions. This a big relief, as it is almost 50 days since we first reported the case in India. The first case was reported on January 22.

Cases per population: India, the second most populous country, could manage the spread to a great extent, and has perhaps the lowest penentration. Only 38 people per one million got infected so far. This is again a great achievement when as Spain has 5426 cases per 10 lakh people. The developed countries like US (3816), Italy (3547), UK (2962) and France (2669) high number of cases per one million population.

Fatality Rate: The death rate also is very low compared to countries. Only one person per 10 lakh died of corona in India whereas Spain saw 553 per million succumbing to the deadly disease. The death rate per a million in Italy (491), UK (443), France (395), America (226) and Belgium (720) are also very high, according to analysis of the data available in .

Recovery rate: According to the latest available data, India has a very high recovery rate at 29%. This is also high compared to countries like the US where still only 14% have recovered.

Doubling Rate: The spread in India has been slow, compared to many other countries like Russia which reports over 10,000 cases every day now. In India, the cases doubled in 11 days, which is still good. At one point, the doubling was 15 days on May 2.


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