Corona Care Homes to take care of COVID patients

Kerala has decided to open ‘Corona Care Homes’ near all the International Airports in the state in a bid to contain the further spread of the deadly coronavirus. This will help to identify the passengers who are infected and quarantine them in an effective way.

Reports said that The Corona Care Homes will be have facility for accommodating about 5,000 people alo0ng with doctors and other staff. The homes will also have an in-house lab facility, the reports said. It said that the facility would help in curbing the spread of the virus as the affected people could be quarantined in a moiré effective manner.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that they were entering a critical phase. He further said that there was a need for more alert. Vijayan said this after a review meeting with health officials.  He said that there were instances where people on home quarantine slipped out and interacted with others. The Chief Minister said that the people should understand that it is a social commitment and those who are in quarantine should not mingle with others.

Kerala Health Minister K K Shylaja said that the state has to be more careful as a lot of people come from other parts of the globe. She also hinted that the officials have already identified Care Homes.


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