Cool all way on the road with AC Gadget


It is not that long you would be going out with a wearable air conditioner with a group of researchers having designed a gadget that would help the body to keep in all conditions. Unlike other products that are now available, the new gadget keeps thody cool through passive cooling. Clothes

In passive cooling, fan or pump is not used for cooling. This is what the researchers of the University of Missouri-Columbia say would help in minimising the discomfort to the users.

The study has come up in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Assistant professor Zheng Yan of the university was quoted as saying that the gadget would reflect sunlight away from human body that would reduce heat absorption and simultaneously allow the body to dissipate the body heat. He said that this would help in achieving around 11 degree of Fahrenheit of cooling to trhe human body during day time.

He also claimed that this was the first demonstration of the emerging field of on skin electronics. The researchers said that the device now developed was a small wired patch and the wireless version would be made available in two to three years. Yahn said that the technology would be utilised for the development of smart textiles.
As of now, the cooling is only delivered in some areas and in the future cooling would be delivered to the whole body, he said.


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