Contact lens for measuring glucose levels


Good news for diabetic persons as a new devise will help in calculating the glucose level by just blinking the eyes. A contact lens monitors the liquid in the eye and help in calculating the glucose level.

The researchers from Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, developed the devise. This is considered an alternative to blood tests. They said that these lenses could in future be used to monitor the level of medicine.

The device uses chip technology and monitors sugar levels through blood vessels in the eyelids. The researchers also said that there were several advantages of using the contact lens.  The glucose level can be tested at frequent intervals, which helps one from the regular blood tests. These could also help in diagnosing eye diseases, the researchers said.  Lead author Dr Do Hee Keum claimed that the lens could be used to dispense medicine for treating diabetic retinopathy.

Keum said that the lens could help in regular monitoring of diabetes and also treating diabetic retinopathy. The researchers also claimed that the smart lens had a unique function of ocular drug delivery.

Keum opined that the changes in glucose levels for each patient can be checked with proper calibration. The researchers said they got the inspiration after they found that cornea surface offered a convenient window to monitor physiological changes throughout the body.


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