Communists; A Rectification of Resort Episode

A significant political conflict is emerging over allegations of corruption within Kerala's extensive cooperative banking sector. The state government, led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, has expressed concerns about the central government's recent involvement in the state's cooperative sector. Vijayan has claimed that there is an attempt to undermine the credibility of Kerala's cooperative sector, and these destabilizing efforts began during demonetization.

May be some 50 years ago, the Communist Parties and the Left leaders were seen as some one to be followed. They got respect for their unhindered service to the people and also for fighting against the corrupt. This is now history. Every other day, one can come across one or the other leader involved in some profiteering or nepotism. And the only place in India where the communists have the sway is Kerala, where  the leadership is always finding it hard to break through the many controversies.

And for the latest, it is the  LDF convener E P Jayarajan episode. In the latest but not going to be last that could prove to be a headache for the Communist Party ( Marxist), senior party leader from Kannur P Jayarajan reportedly levelled graft charges against E P Jayarajan, accusing him of illegally acquiring property for an ayurveda resort in Kannur. Jayarajan made the allegation at the recently-concluded state committee meet in which EP was not present. Though termed as media speculation, Party Secretary or Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who is now the “Captain” of the  entire team did not utter a word in the public.   

Sources said state secretary M V Govindan has asked P Jayarajan to give the allegation in writing. And if a written complaint is got, the party the secretariat may set up an inquiry commission to look into it. EP being a central committee member, clearance from the party’s top forum is needed in this regard.


The resort that is the villain in E P episode is located Vellikkeel near Morazha, which is a CPM stronghold. Incidentally, Morazha is also the native place of Govindan. His wife P K Syamala was the chairperson of the Anthur municipality, under which Morazha is located.

Right from the beginning, the construction was entangled in controversies after the Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) and environmentalists protested against the demolition of the hill. EP’s son P K Jaison is the chairman of the resort. Ramesh Kumar, a close associate of CPM leaders, is its managing director.

The construction began with the name Kannur Ayurvedic Medical Care Pvt Ltd, which was functioning at Aroli near EP’s house. EP’s wife P K Indira is also a director board member of the resort.

Once the ten acre hill was demolished, the KSSP lodged a complaint with the district collector, who directed the geology department to conduct an environmental impact study. But as every one knows, nothing happened. It was also quite natural that the geology department did not bother for an inquiry as EP was at that time their Boss – he was the Industries Minister at that time and mining and geology department was under his department. It was alleged that the Anthur municipality had also given clearance for the resort.


Now it is for the party leadership to think of an inquiry or not. Even the government could think of an inquiry into the construction of the resort as it involves levelling a whole hill without any clearance. With the party as usual coming up with a rectification circular for its cadres, it could be better if an appropriate action is taken against EP as the allegations are almost true to its spirit, said a highly placed source. 

Even in Vellikkeel, where the party has its strong hold, people know the man and his family who are behind this. However, no one dare utter a word; everything goes silent.

May be for a while, EP could be asked to relieve his post as LDF convenor. But other serious actions could be “like a bolt out of the blue”.

Kannur people know whose hands are behind land filling, hill demolition, sand and mud business. But how can they dare to utter a word; already the state is witness to the land mafia, mud mafia, hill mafia and sand mafia; and what then to talk about the mafia hand in glove with politicians.

Politicians always  bay for the blood of his opponent in case he or she is embroiled in allegation, corruption even if he is innocent and not yet provided guilty. This is the true spirit of politics. However, when it comes to their own party, they just want all mouths shut and they even retreat to their dens. The communists should never be so. They have to fight out the cancer, the cancer of corruption, nepotism, profiteering within the party, said a highly placed Communist Party, who still holds high hopes for a “Pure Rectification”.


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