Come with Plastic waste and have a sumptuous meal

Waste plastic odisha

Taking a cue from Chattisgarh’s ‘a meal in exchange for plastic waste’, Odisha Government’s new initiative on the same lines has gained momentum among the people, who are showing much enthusiasm for the programme.

“Get a Rs 5 meal in exchange for a kilogram of Plastic waste”, the novice programme of the Odisha government was only launched recently. The barter system has now been endorsed by the people and the authorities have said that lots of people are showing added interest in the programme.

This meal barter programme has been rolled out by the Odisha government under its Aahar Scheme. The scheme was first introduced by in Korapet district by the Kotpad Notified Area Council.

As part of the drive, the officials have been extensively campaigning in the region. They have evolved a door to door campaign to make people aware the menace of plastic and also about the barter system where they get a meal for Rs 5 for a kilo of plastic waste. They have also placed posters and banners in various places in the region. The NAC officials hope of making the district plastic free within a few weeks.

Apart from the ‘one meal for one kilo of plastic waste’, the Odisha government is known for many extensive programmes against plastics such as introducing milk ATMs in Ganjam district. The people in the district were asked to bring in their own containers instead of going for plastic milk pouches.


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