Climate Goal “Core Pillar” of Cooperation with India; US

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United States President Joe Biden said that America wanted to make achieving climate and energy goals “a core pillar” of bilateral cooperation with India and was looking forward to work with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this.

Biden said this on the second day of the Leaders’ summit called by him. Climate, Energy Goals “ Core Pillar” of Cooperation with India; USOn the first day on Thursday, April 22, Prime Minister Modi announced that India and the US were launching a clean energy agenda partnership.

“I’m looking forward to working with India’s Prime Minister Modi in a new partnership to achieve our climate and energy goals, making this a core pillar of our bilateral cooperation,” Biden told the virtual summit.


The US-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership is collaborating and supporting the achievement of India’s ambitious targets, including reaching 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. The Partnership aims to mobilize finance and speed clean energy deployment; demonstrate and scale innovative clean technologies needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across sectors including industry, transportation, power, and buildings; and build capacity to measure, manage, and adapt to the risks of climate-related impacts.

He also mentioned that America was once again stepping into the leadership role for industry transition with India.


Over the course of two days, Biden convened heads of state and government, as well as representatives from international organizations. Business leaders, sub-national government officials/leaders also joined the summit.

The President stressed for implementing the commitments, accelerate them, and innovate and invest in order to reach them. Climate, Energy Goals “ Core Pillar” of Cooperation with India; US “And we need to work together, once again, to build a clean energy future that delivers good jobs and overcomes the threat of climate change — investing in innovation and in our people, raising our ambitions, ensuring every nation does its part,” he said.

“This summit is a start — a start of a road that will take us to Glasgow for the U.N. Climate Change Conference in November,” Biden said.


He said that nations that work together to invest in a cleaner economy would reap rewards for their citizens.  He mentioned that the US was launching a new Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure.


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