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Clean virus in 40 seconds: Kerala hospital develops disinfection gateway

As the world is fighting to disinfect the people from corona, Kerala-based Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology has developed a unique disinfection gateway that can clean a person in 40 seconds.

The Gateway is designed for decontamination of people, one at a time. This portable system is equipped with a system for generating Hydrogen peroxide mist and UV based decontamination facility.

Hydrogen Peroxide fumes will decontaminate body, hands and clothes of a person. The UV system will decontaminate the chamber. The whole system is electronically controlled.

The sensors mounted in the chamber detect the entry of a person and starts the Hydrogen Peroxide mist generation process. The person is required to walk through the chamber to its end. When the person exits, the system will shut of the hydrogen peroxide fumigation System and will turn on the UV lamp inside the chamber to decontaminate it. After the UV light is switched off-automatically after a prescribed time the chamber is ready for the next person.

The system has see-through glass panels on sidewalls for monitoring purpose and is fitted with lights for illumination during use.



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