Class Room on Wheels, an Arunachal way for teaching

Bus class

“Class room on Wheels” – a school in the North East state of Arunachal Pradesh has given the words a meaning by itself by transforming an abandoned school bus into a full-fledged class room. Unique in itself, the school bus at the Government Primary School in Thowang in Lohit district has been transformed into a class room, replete with chairs, tables and stationeries.

The abandoned school bus has been transformed into a class room as part of an initiative to deal with space crunch in the school buildings. The school bus has been given a fresh coat of paint and also decked up, which has given it much resemblance to class room. The exterior of the bus has also been given a fresh look, decorated with paintings of political map of India, human anatomy, birds and animals.

The district administration has been quoted as saying that the new initiative was so welcome among the children. They said that the children showed much enthusiasm now to come to the school bus. Moreover, the children stayed more time in the class rooms than before, the district administration said.

The idea had been conceived after all the children could not be accommodated in the class rooms in the buildings. Most of the time the younger ones were made to sit along with senior students.  Moreover, they also found that this situation had led to drop outs.

With the new form of class rooms having created much interest in children, the district authorities are said to be looking for taking up the initiative in other schools.


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