Citric Fruits reverse Obesity


Fruits and vegetables add to a good health. But a recent study has revealed that one particular fruit can help in reversing obesity and help in maintaining a healthy heart. The fruit also showed good results in getting relief from diabetes.

Western University researchers conducted the study. In the study, they said that nobiletin molecule found in oranges and tangerines help to reverse negative symptoms linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Lipid Research journal published the findings. The researchers said that they found that nobiletin molecule in oranges and tangerines reduced obesity and reversed its negative side effects. The study was conducted in mice. Nobelitin given mice showed reverse symptoms of obesity, said lead researcher Murray Huff of Western University,

However, Huff said that they could not say how nobiletin worked. The researchers said that there was a possibility that the molecule was acting on the pathway that regulates fat.

The researchers think that the findings could be good for health care providers.





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