Circumcision leads to stressed life; Study 

Living Near Busy Road Adds to tension

Circumcision of infants is widely practised for religious and even medical reasons. However, the psychological impact of it is likely to haunt the adults in later years, according to a latest study.

The researchers from Aarhus University who held the study pointed that circumcised men were more likely to be emotionally unstable. They also exhibit stronger sexual drives but lower stress thresholds. These men have difficulty in attaching themselves to their partner.

Pointing out that a combination of emotional stability and attachment to partner was needed for a healthy relationship, Michael Winterdahl of Aarhus University said that a lack of these could lead to borderline sexual behaviour.

The study said that stressful behaviour is quite evident during the adulthood itself.  The researchers held a survey in 619 American men, of whom 408 were circumcised within the first month of their lives.

Muslims, Jews and some Christian branches practise circumcision. However, this is not just related to religion or culture. The researchers noted that half of the men in American men are circumcised. However, the numbers are coming down, the study said,

Circumcision has laid down several debates, ranging from its medical benefits as well as ethicality. Some countries have banned non-medical circumcision.



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