Cinematic Marvels: Kerala’s Cinema Tourism Showcases Iconic Film Locations

Exploring Cinematic Marvels: Kerala's Cinema Tourism Showcases Iconic Film Locations

The enchanting backwaters of Alappuzha and the breathtaking natural beauty of Thekkady in Kerala have etched unforgettable memories in the hearts of those who were captivated by Shah Rukh Khan and PreityZinta’s mesmerizing dance to the song “JiyaJale” in the movie ‘Dil Se.’ Similarly, admirers of AishwaryaRai’s romantic performances in front of the majestic Athirapally waterfalls with the tunes of “Barso Re” in ‘Guru’ and the song “Tu Hi Re” from ‘Bombay,’ set against the captivating visuals of the roaring sea waves at Bekal Fort in Kasargod, have left a lasting impact. These picturesque locations offer the perfect backdrop for cinematic moments that continue to be cherished by Bollywood enthusiasts.

In a bid to celebrate these iconic filming spots that have been imprinted in people’s minds through movies, the Kerala government is gearing up to unveil a captivating cinema tourism project. Under the banner of ‘Cinema Tourism,’ Kerala aims to attract tourists by preserving the allure of the state’s scenic landscapes that have been immortalized on the silver screen. The project seeks to draw visitors to the enchanting locations in Kerala that have left an indelible mark on people’s hearts through the magic of cinema. Notably, the inclusion of Bekal Fort in Kasaragod district, where Mani Ratnam’s masterpiece “Bombay” was filmed, stands out as one of the highlights of this ambitious initiative. Reports indicate that a special program featuring Mani Ratnam and stars from the movie “Bombay” is set to take place at Bekal Fort, adding to the excitement surrounding the project.


The Kerala government’s cinema tourism project aims to captivate visitors by immersing them in the enchanting world of cinema and providing them with firsthand experiences of the breathtaking locations that have captured audiences’ imagination on the silver screen. This ambitious endeavour celebrates the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Kerala, establishing it as a must-visit destination for film enthusiasts and travellers alike. Renowned filmmaker Mani Ratnam has shown his wholehearted support for Kerala’s Cinema Tourism project, which aims to showcase prime filming locations featured in popular hits across different parts of the state, thereby luring tourists. During a meeting with Tourism Minister P.A. Mohamed Riyas, Mani Ratnam pledged to endorse locations that have left a deep and lasting impression on people’s minds, thanks to their portrayal in box office hits.


To commence this fascinating journey into the world of cinema, Mani Ratnam will actively participate in a special show planned at Bekal Fort in Kasaragod district, where the gripping scenes of his film “Bombay” were brought to life. With the cinema tourism initiative, Kerala aims to attract tourists to these nostalgic locations that have become inseparably linked with iconic films. Mani Ratnam expressed his profound appreciation for this pioneering project during his discussion with Riyas in Kozhikode, emphasizing how Kerala’s scenic landscape has served as the backdrop for several of his films, especially for unforgettable song sequences.

The Tourism Minister also conveyed his gratitude, highlighting that Mani Ratnam’s support and presence will undoubtedly be a significant boost to the Cinema Tourism project. Bekal Fort in Kasaragod, featured in “Bombay,” starring Aravind Swami and ManishaKoirala, takes a prominent place within the project. The esteemed filmmaker, who also directed the 1984 Malayalam film “Unaroo,” will grace the program at Bekal Fort, infusing further enthusiasm into the project, alongside the esteemed actors from “Bombay.”


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