China alleged to harvest organs from ethnic/minority groups

China organ


China is alleged to be harvesting organs from minority and ethnic groups such as Uighur and Falun Gong. The China Tribunal, who are a group of lawyers, doctors and other raised this allegation before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

At the council, lawyer Hamid Sabi explained how the Chinese government was harvesting organs such as kidney, liver, hearts and skin from ethnic and minority groups. Sabi is said to have said that China has been doing this unlawful harvesting for many years from prisoners of political conscience.

The China Tribunal that has published its latest report on human organ harvesting, alleges that the bodies of thousands of people were cut open when they were still alive. It alleged that the people killed were those who were seen as a threat to China.

Supporting their claim, the report notes that the Chinese government had launched a propaganda against Falun Gong, who practised a particular Buddhist meditation.  It says alleges that Falun Gong practitioners were imprisoned without any trial and tortured.

In the report, it has been said that there were evidence to show that forced organ harvesting was also done in Tibetans, a few Christian sects and Uighur Muslim minority but in lesser numbers. It has been found that Uighur musliim community was seen as a Organ bank and medical tests were done on them regularly.

Meanwhile, China has denied the allegations and accused the Tribunal of  false propaganda.


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